Visual Arts Student Audition Information

Posted on September 14, 2017 at 1:05 PM

San Diego SCPA’s Cinematic Arts Program is open to both new and experienced videographers. Students who do have video experience should be prepared to submit a video reel of their work as well as the completion of the audition prompt. Students with no experience will be considered solely from this prompt.

Audition Preparation

A good video production requires a great deal of preproduction planning and creativity to make the shoot and the editing as tight as possible. You are to write a Preproduction Portfolio/Treatment including a storyboard for submission for a video project on any subject that you choose (but not including a music video). These will be submitted at the time of the audition.

The Treatment (2-3 pages):

This is a narrative or essay that describes all of the elements of the project or show. It relates the Objective (purpose) of the piece and tells what is to be accomplished in the segment. That is followed by a Description of what the audience will see and hear in the segment and who with talent or actors will be. Pace, Flow, and visual Impact are also critical to the treatment. After reading the treatment, the producer (panelist) will be able to visualize what is going to be filmed and how it will be edited.

Link to sample Film Treatment format: << Click Here >>

The Storyboard:
The storyboard is a set of drawings (much like a comic book is drawn) that shows the major shots and scenes of the video. It includes key action and key locations that were described in the treatment. Below each frame of the storyboard is a brief description of the scene being described.

Essay of Interest and Intention in Video Arts Much of the possible success in this field is based on desire to learn, intention to immerse in the learning, and the willingness to work in this field.

Essay of Interest:
Why you hope to study video? What level of focus and dedication you are willing to give to it? Any experiences you have previously had with video, and What you have to offer the SCPA Cinematic Arts Program that we should consider.

Film Reel (optional):

Students who have experience in video production should submit a reel (video compilation of portions of their work). The reel should be available on one of the following formats: USB Thumbdrive, SD memmory card, or provide Youtube/Vimeo link and should not exceed 3 minutes. The reel only shows the best portions of any project and does not include entire projects or shows. It is the best moments edited together. Given the capability, each individual clip should have a title naming the project and what the student’s role on the video was. For example: Family Trip to England, Cameraman and Editor. Video clips must be clearly labeled with the students name on the side spine of the video project. Reels will not be returned.

  • Video clips should be in encoded as h.264 video with a .mp4 or .mov wrapper.
  • What To Bring To The Audition

    Your narrative or essay that describes the elements of the project or show. (Treatment) Your set of drawings that shows the major shots and scenes you would take. (The Storyboard) Your essay of interest in video production (Essay of Interest and Intention in Cinematic Arts) You may also bring a film reel, but this is not required. Students who do have video experience should be prepared to submit a video reel of their work as well as the completion of the audition prompt. Students with no experience will be considered solely from the treatment and storyboard.

    What To Expect During The Audition

    The audition will include:

    Presentation of prepared piece (Video Reel and/or treatment and storyboard)

    Students will be evaluated individually.

    Areas of assessment will include:

  • Description of Camerawork-Framing-Composition
  • Description of the editing of sound and video
  • Description of the Pace, Flow and Tempo
  • Viewer interest and the extent to which you engage the viewer
  • Description of the Emotional Impact or the feeling which it makes you feel or the impact it has upon you.

  • All Visual Arts Program Audition Information

    Visual Arts Mission

    The Arts Department provides a rigorous conservatory experience in art education. During the first two years, traditional skills and disciplines are stressed, and in the later years students are encouraged to develop their own voice and use the appropriate media to express their ideas.

    SCPA artists gain essential exposure to public audiences, leading to more exhibition and show opportunities, and San Diego public gets to experience some of the finest experimental youth art in the city.

    We offer the following opportunities for students to present their work:

    • San Diego Unified School District Art Showcase
    • YoungArts National Arts Competition in Oct.
    • Scholastic Arts Competition in Dec.
    • Senior Art Exhibition at Liberty Station
    • Coffeehouse
    • Local Film Festivals
    • Partnerships with Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park
    • Partnerships with San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art
    • Partnership at SD Repertory Theatre, EVITA art showcase, Congrats to sold artwork
    • In class presentations and critiques