Mission & Vision VISUAL ARTS

The SCPA Visual Arts and Media Department are designed to provide a multitude of opportunities for students to develop creative talents, critical thinking, technical and problem solving skills.

Creativity involves passion, adventurousness, risk-taking and knowledge of art making. By providing our students with a sense of identity and a forum for positive expression, we aim to inspire and empower them to affect creatively and through innovation in their own lives, the communities they live in, and the world.

Our Philosophy

The SDSCPA Visual & Media Arts Department is dedicated to providing a quality, innovative, and in depth learning environment. Our curriculum is sequentially designed to prepare our students with the technique, skills, and knowledge necessary for postsecondary and professional pursuits. We are committed to the development of each student’s creative voice, and passion.

Lorie Tancredi-Baese
Photography & Mixed Media

Visual Arts Department Chair Lorie's work experience inspires, and guides her approach.

Seanha Choi
Fine Art - High School

[email protected]
(619) 470-0555 Ext. 4406 Room 406 Office Hours: By Apt.

Nicholas Patton
Fine Art - Middle School

Originally from San Diego, I moved to Northern California to study at Humboldt State University, earning degrees...

Tom Antl
Cinematic Arts & Multimedia

Experienced cinematographer and editor, Tom has produced and directed short films, documentaries...

Tim Farson

Regardless of the subject matter, we are all engaged in a pursuit to better understand the world.

Richard Trujillo
Artistic Director

A veteran professional stage actor by trade he has amassed over 100 productions to his credit.