Seanha Choi

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Room 406
Office Hours: Wednesday 2:00-3:30pm; by appointment

Class Schedule
Period 1: Prep Period 2: Foundations in Visual Arts and Design 1,2 Period 3: Drawing & Painting 1,2 Period 4: Fabric and Design 1-4 Period 5: Art 1-2 Period 6:AP Art 2D/3D Period 7: Art 1,2

Nicholas Patton
Fine Art

Originally from San Diego, I moved to Northern California to study at Humboldt State University, earning degrees...

Thomas Antl
Cinematic Arts & Multimedia

Experienced cinematographer and editor, Tom has produced and directed short films, documentaries...

Lorie Tancredi-Baese
Photography & Fine Art

Visual Arts Department Chair Lorie's work experience inspires her vision, and guides her approach to project based education.