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Fine Art

The SCPA Fine Art Department provides a rigorous conservatory experience in 2D & 3D art education. During the first two years, traditional skills and disciplines are stressed, and in the later years students are encouraged to develop their own voice and use the appropriate media to express their ideas. SCPA artists gain essential exposure to public audiences, leading to more exhibition and showcase opportunities.

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Photographic Arts

The SCPA Photography program at the San Diego School of Creative & Performing Arts develops a young artist's technical abilities and personal vision through the study of a variety of contemporary media.

Creative problem solving, critical thinking and a broad range of experiences build the foundation for deeper understanding, advanced learning, and innovation within the various media.

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Cinematic Arts

The SCPA Cinematic Arts production courses are based on the industry standards and competencies required of a film and video production professional or college level film student. The integration of core academics, career technical content and exploration is presented in a personalized, supportive and caring environment with high expectations for all students enrolled.

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SDSCPA seeks students with potential, passion, and commitment to the arts. Previous training is helpful, but not necessary.

Students may audition for more than one discipline; however, if they are accepted to more than one program they will need to choose one program in a single major. There is no “double major.” Typically, there is room for additional arts courses in the junior and senior year, after A-G requirements have been satisfied.

Each major will accept approximately 36 students. Students on first day will have access to first available slots. Second audition date will accept only remaining spaces available.

Audition dates:

  • High School Audition Date #1 (Saturday November 4, 2017)
  • High School Audition Date #2 (Saturday, December 2, 2017)

All students MUST Sign up for auditions at the link below:

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Cinematic Arts Holiday Picture

To learn more about auditioning for Visual Arts Department at San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts please click on the button "Audition Requirements" button on the right.